Monday, September 12, 2011

How long does it take to be physically addicted to tramadol?

how long does it take to get addicted to <strong>tramadol hydrochloride</strong> or ultram? Like how long would you have to take them suitably stop all at once to experience etc. symptoms?<br/>
That is something hunni that noone can answer really, as it depends on the person. But you will understand that you are addicted to it if:Using the medication in a manner not prescribed Taking more of the medication than prescribed Reporting lost medication in order to obtain more Asking for refills long before refills would be due Using several doctors and pharmacies to get more tramadol Stealing the drug or asking others who take the drug for a few pills Thinking about or obsessing over when the next dose can be obtained or takenThose who are concerned about <strong>tramadol</strong> habit</i> should speak with their physicians. Physicians be possible to help decide which methods are safest to counter-poise exhausting and finally finishing touch intake of high rank this drug, while high life person experiences less true withdrawal symptoms. Programs offering ultra rapid detox, that which quickly exits the remedial agent from high life company and ends physical addiction, with most propriety serve some patients. However these people will assuage require follow up work on the subject of a healing art treatment program.<br/>
Addiction can occur differently in many persons based on body weight, dosage, term of time taken and rate of metabolism. Never suddenly stop taking any prescribed meds without a reduction and under advisement of a doctor, whether or not you know, you have adjusted to taking that chemical, over time and your system will know any sudden changes or levels.<br/>
Northwest Harwinton<br/>
Just as Vicodin ( http://aids. about. com/od/miscellaneousme… ) was hailed as a &quot;non addictive &quot;synthetic replacement for Codeine, Tramadol was developed as a replacement for Vicodin after it was found to just as addictive as the opioid derivative codeine. Vicodin (aka) hydrocodone, Hydro = water or water based * codone = man made or synthetic codeine and Tramadol are just a couple of molecules from being the same drug. They were both designed to mimic the effects the an opioid has when it comes in contact with the part of your brain that registers pain. So, In answer to your question,... You will know you are addicted when you take ANY drug after you no longer need it. Pain meds are designed to work by blocking the pain message before the brain can register the pain, so if you have pain and are not ABUSING your meds you should run a small risk of addiction, When pain drugs are abused and taken in high doses or when you have no pain, They will bypass the pain receptors and effect the pleasure center in your brain, This is where addiction lives and You,..your Soul will start to die a slow shameful death!<br/>
Taken at 50mg doses a couple times daily, your body will go threw physical withdrawal after 3-4 weeks of continued use. The higher the dose, the longer it is taken, the worse the withdrawal. It is easy to beat the withdrawal. You just taper down doses until you are taking 12.5mg everyday, and then every other day, and then none. I have taken it for years. <br/>

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